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Welcome to the SIU.

On the surface, the SIU is an underfunded, useless portion of the federal government, which does nothing but meddle in the business of the police and local government. Hell, people are threatened to be demoted to the SIU when they screw up at their job – and the people who work their are not welcome one bit.

Underneath, the SIU is just a small piece of the Mages Circle government – Formally called the Bureau of Secrecy, and they are charged with the most important job in the entire world – ensuring magic remains a secret, and that nothing awful leaks into the mundane world.

You work here, now – this is your life. Magic courses through your veins as much as blood.
Keep us safe, would you.

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SIU uses a lot of terms you may not be familiar with – before beginning, you might want to brush up HERE

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